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Our source of inspiration Guru Harkrishan Sahibji is the eighth  guru of sikh religion, born on 7th July 1656. Guru Harkrishanji was only five years old when he was ordained as Guru. His name is derived from the names of both his parents. His father name was Har Rai and mother name was Krishna Kaur. He was a divine soul who not only had extraordinary vision and spiritual enlightenment, but also cured the people of this country and advanced truth and righteousness among human beings. In our daily prayer we seek his blessings by saying that all the ailments disappear just by thinking of his name, he breathed his last in 1664 in Delhi, during the epidemic of small pox. Tender and docile, he received respect from high and low.  The school is named after his name and it is a matter of great pride to see each and every student of the school as a true Harkrishan i.e. student who imbibes the qualities professed and exhibited by great Guru Harkrishan Sahibji.


In this competitive world our duty is to raise such individuals who are not only physically strong but emotionally and ethically as well. It is extremely easy to give in to temptations and to later repent for what one did. At times, unable to face the adverse circumstances and difficult situations one tends to take drastic steps leaving our near and dear ones in pain. 


The school  website is like a mirror which reflects the image of the school and the talents, events and happenings that are being performed in the school premises. We are in 21st century and we should be preparing students for 21st century.

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