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Principal's Desk

“The secret of education lies
not in theoretical knowledge
but in Practical knowledge”


“The thought” school magazine is like a mirror which is published every year to reflect the feeling of oneness and the talents, events and happenings that are being performed in the school premises. We are in 21st century and we should be preparing students for 21st century. Skills are enhanced through a curriculum which is integrated project based, transacted in a mode of experiential learning and where learners are allowed to construct their own knowledge in multiple ways. Our purpose as educators should be to engage students in addressing real world problems. Today teachers are becoming co-creators of knowledge rather than mere dispensers of information. The school is following continuous & comprehensive evaluation with an emphasis on holistic development of learners. It provides a stress free learning environment that will develop competent, confident and enterprising citizens, who will promote harmony and peace. We must teach a child to see his goal and think what he wants to achieve in life. We must develop a healthy attitude in a child to make him understand the people around him. One step taken by you as a main stake holder, will light the child’s life and will lead him to make a bright path for himself……!

Guru Harkrishan Public School provides exposure to the students for freely expressing their views in non threatening environment. With a dedicated team of Management, teachers, parents and active participation of students I am confident that we shall move on successfully in the coming years with the new changes that will come in our path to make a better tomorrow.

Happy Reading

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sharma

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