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To develop the spirit of healthy competition the students from class I to XII are divided into 4 Houses. This has the dual purpose of encouraging students to improve their performance and recognition for the high achievement level shown by them. 
The houses are named after the names of 4 sons of Guru Gobhd Singhji (10th Guru of Sikhs).

These houses are:

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Baba Fateh Singh


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Baba Jujhar Singh


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Baba Zorawar Singh


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Baba Ajit Singh


House has even number of students, one captain, vice captain, prefects and a house incharge teacher, 
Every year there is an investiture ceremony in which the Chief Guest or the Principal presents the flags to the four house captains and the ex-captains hand over their badges to the next one who then  administer an Oath for the all around development and upliftment of their houses. The House Mistress / Masters, assistant teachers, vice captains are then introduced to school. It is a proud moment for the captains and the students who stand beneath the banner of each house. On every Saturday all the Houses organize their intra house meeting and assemble in their allotted rooms for inter house activities, and competitions to assess and acknowledge the talent of their members. The names of winners are recorded by the co-ordinator  house-in-charge teacher, Mistress / Master for further inter house competitions. Inter house competitions are then organized in presence of the Principal. Inter house competitions include -

  • English Extempore Speech Competition/ Elocution

  • Hindi Speech Competition/ Elocution.

  • English Debate.

  • Hindi Debate. General Knowledge Quiz Competition.

  • Poster Painting Competition. 

  • On the Spot Painting Competition. 

  • Solo and Group Dance Competition. 

  • Work Experience and many more.

Winners of the Inter House Competitions are given certificates and suitable prizes and at end of the session. The best house is awarded with the Best House of the year trophy. 

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