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Educational Tour

       "Human memory is picture oriented and not word oriented."

This is the main concept behind an education tour. Education tour is nothing but the planned combination of tours, site visits with the target of global learning which can enhance the knowledge of students and can help them to see the clear picture of the theoretical things they have learnt so far.  We would say, during such tours, students can actually see and enrich their knowledge of places and people they’ve learned about in the classroom. They can gain a deeper understanding of real life situations and trends than a book can ever convey.
Our educational tours for the session are-
  • Visit to Airport
  • Visit to  Nehru Stadium
  • Visit to Bada Ganpati
  • Visit to Regional Park
  • Visit to Holkar Chhatri Bagh
  • Visit to Nehru Garden
  • Visit to Fruit Mandi
  • Visit to Bengali Club
  • Visit to G.P.O
  • Visit to S.B.I Bank
  • Visit to M.R.S.C College
  • Visit to Zoo
  • Visit to Swaminarayan Temple
  • Visit to  Tafreeh Garden
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